Human impact on the environment

These forces are changing our planet: they create new land and disappear other, model costs, remove and alter the vegetation and allow the development of new forms of plants, animals and microorganisms. Our world is not static, it is constantly changing. Traveling to the Earth and its atmosphere transferring the traces of our presence would become visible.

If it is night, the trusses would be noticeable in urban areas by way of patches of light and the roads and highways that connect, day, farm fields, roads crossing forests and jungles would be recognizable, as well as reservoirs that lie behind the curtains of dams and open pit mines, to name just a few of the tracks that modern civilization has left on the surface of the globe.
The development of civilization has changed, and in many cases substantially, the terrestrial landscape. Cities and towns in which we live, as well as the fields that we get our food have removed the original ecosystem, drying lakes and rivers. We have also led to the extinction of many species and overloaded the atmosphere with gases and pollutants that cause climate changes, all to settle down and allow our cities and small towns continue to grow.

The food we eat, wood we use for construction, furniture or paper, plastic wrapping items of modern life, or the chemicals used in industry, agriculture or home, all are somehow related to slight disturbances or severe environmental damage. It is no exaggeration to say that our world has changed, and in many cases irreversibly, with the expansion and development of our civilization.

Industry, berlin real estate tourism, agriculture, population, human development and others are agents that cause changes to the environment such as: loss and alteration of ecosystems, loss of biodiversity, pollution of water, air and soil, and this results in thinning the ozone layer, climate change, decreased water availability, etc..

Populations which are part exert their impacts on the environment through a diverse set of productive activities, among which agriculture and animal husbandry, industry, urban development as the growth of cities and towns, their associated infrastructure and tourism, among others. Through these activities we get goods we see around us and the services that satisfy our daily needs. We can mention the food we eat, the furniture of our houses and jobs, the paper we use, the clothes we wear and the medications that help us cure disease. As mentioned, the production or use of all such property has consequences for the environment.

This turbidity not only cause damage to protected species of plants and animals that live in rivers and lakes, which often require clear water for photosynthesis and to find partners in the case of animals such as fish and frogs, but could also decrease water quality and affect human communities downstream that are supplied from it to quench your thirst and other needs.

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